CEES stands for Christian Early Education Services. The acronym sounds like the word “seize” and implies an urgency in investing into the lives of young children and those who serve them: because adults need biblical wisdom and education, encouragement and inspiration as they nurture, train, and raise young children.

CEES wants to provide research based support from a Bible-based lens that advances their valuable work with children during vulnerable years.

 In addition to training, education and instruction, CEES will provide insight, consultation, curricular resources full of creative ideas for skill development, and cultural engagement to assist adults who serve children within churches, schools, and homes.

Mission Statement – 

Educate and Enlighten, Engage and Equip adults with culturally relevant and Biblically informed resources to assist them to Seize the moments of a child’s first seven years for optimal gain in their spiritual, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development and while malleable toward the truth of God’s love in their lives.

Rational – 

The first seven years of life are critical investments in the life of all human beings. So many elements of a person develop at this critical window of time including spiritual, physical, cognitive and language, social, emotional and processing skills.

History – 

C EES is the brainchild of Deborah Carter, PhD after raising her own two children, developing two Christian preschools, serving in many other public and church related venues and most recently serving eight years with a large Christian organization who served educators in private faith-based schools. Deborah completed her dissertation on Biblical Worldview Expression of Four-Year-Old Children and shortly after, the company formed in October 2012.  The organizing board includes President, Administrative support, and an Advisory Council composed of Christian Early Educators, Professors, Theologians, and pastors.

Guiding Principles – 

  • 1.Children are born uniquely and in the image of God.
  • 2.Children know their maker from birth
  • 3.Children need adults in their lives to guide them toward active love for God and others.
  • 4.Adults and children are in a fallen world and therefore imperfect in abilities requiring the support of a community to come alongside in a joint effort to bring up the next generation in the love and instruction of their Lord.
  • 5.God established instructions to assist in raising children.
  • 6.Children are born ready to learn and have an investigative nature that can be nurtured.
  • 7.Children can be deceived and need limits and boundaries to properly fulfill god’s instruction for them.
  • 8.Language is critical to relationships.
  • 9.Godly impressions are the result of exposure through all the sensory modalities.
  • Dr. Debby Carter – 

    Debby asked Jesus into her heart at age nine, and committed to serve him full-time by age sixteen.  As a result God has directed a fifty-two year profession in the fields of psychology, family counseling, early childhood and biblical studies which produced three academic degrees. Her journey from residential teen counselor and developer of two Christian preschools resulted in EC special education teacher licensure in three states, including infant and toddler certifications. She was a district school district manager over child and family assessment in a MN-ECFE program. Her own schooling came from seven universities and one Christian Liberal Arts College.

    As a part of her career she has been able to work on a standards task force in the State of Minnesota, receive grant funding for parent involvement in her classrooms, and establish 16 preschool programs working with district superintendents in southern IL. Debby’s passions include ministry and not surprisingly, she has held volunteer roles in children’s ministry at various churches where she has served. She has worked at Head Start, served on their policy council, a special education school district, an Even Start Grant funded project, a Christian childcare center, a hospital neo-natal center, a Healthy Initiative project, a private preschool in Bloomington, IL, and two parent-play groups.  in Urbana, IL.  As a college professor and department chair for EC at Lincoln Christian University for five years, her love for teaching adults took her to three other schools and culminated in a pilot course for Denver Seminary on Children’s Spirituality and teaching as an adjunct professor for Colorado Christian University. She served with the Rocky Mountain Region’s Association of Christian Schools (ACSI) for seven years prior to accepting a Central Field Director position with ACSI headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO.  Debby’s most favorite roles, however, are wife and mother of two, and grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren where she practices her child development theories!