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Mindfulness for Preschoolers versus Christian Meditation

What is it? Is mindfulness important in the lives of Christian children and adults today? How can mindfulness support or conflict with meditation described in God’s word?

Three specific differences exist when contrasting mindfulness and Christian meditation. From God’s written word, the Bible, we see the purpose of…

Multi-Age Grouped Classrooms – Good or Bad?

The research is mixed when looking at a mixed age grouping of preschool children. Both benefits and risks exist. Older children learn nurturing and leadership skills. They also resist age-discrimination behaviors. Younger children advance in communication, language, and inspiration to greater cognitive and motor skills.
With similar aged peers, children tend to remain very focused…

Spiritual guidance for preschoolers

Practical and useful information for my readers is once again flowing. CEES is back in operation with new insights on helping children to grow into spiritual beings who love their Lord. We are looking forward to serving those who serve so diligently with the “least of these”.

Role of Child and Adult in Classroom

What do you consider to be the child’s role and an adult’s role in the Christian classroom?

New Mexico CEE Conference

Thanks to all the wonderful friends and participants who made last Saturday’s conference a wonderful success. CEES really enjoyed being with you! Please share one thing you implemented from the conference sessions into the blog this week. We love hearing from you.

TV Language for Children

Are you aware that you can filter out inappropriate language for children by going to   http://www.tvguardian.com/?  What do you consider to be “bad language” for ages five and under?  (Hint: Ecclesiastes 5:2-3; Romans 3:3-4; Colossians 4:2-6; 2 Timothy 4:2; Proverbs 15:1 and Proverbs…

CEES First Post

Thank you for visiting CEES – where we help you seize growth, seize relationships, and seiz…

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