Children’s Ministers

Have you found yourself wondering what do I do with the birth to five-year-old population in my church?  Have you ever said, they can’t really learn much anyway?  Volunteers are difficult to get for this age group. I don’t know what to do with them?

As a former children’s minister in multiple-sized churches, and a current member of INCM’s Denver chapter, this website has much to offer you about education of the young ones, working with their parents, designing relevant and efficient programming, staffing tips, Biblical truths by age group, and activities that hold the interest of preschool-aged children. Sound principles are relayed based on what these children know and are able to do. 

You are impacting their spiritual habits for life, even in those few hours per week. This is an important ministry and CEES wants to Equip you for success.

Things you will find in these pages: 

  • Core principles and Biblical values that are important to transmit
  • Environment and ways to create effective spiritual and faith experiences
  • An understanding of child development as it relates to your children, classroom management and techniques, Biblical instruction, and discipline.
  • Ideas for family partnerships and parent engagement in your program
  • Curricula assessments
  • Questions and answers
  • Ways to connect for consultation