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New Mexico CEE Conference

Thanks to all the wonderful friends and participants who made last Saturday’s conference a wonderful success. CEES really enjoyed being with you! Please share one thing you implemented from the conference sessions into the blog this week. We love hearing from you.

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Terri Machin

You did a great job. I have heard wonderful things from those that attended.

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mandy dickey —

I made a devotional corner in my classroom! This is a small corner with a table, portable cd player, cds, books on cd, bible on cd and some books! I hope to have puppets and other mini lessons in it soon but I had to start somewhere! My students LOVE this corner! They relisten to our bible lessons, they take time out of their freeplay to pray quietly, they worship in this corner and encourage each other to spend time with God! Thank you for this idea!

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admin —

Preschool programs set up environments for children to choose from a variety of themed learning centers. Learning centers are usually filled with intentional materials for a child to explore. Centers also reflect what a teacher believes to be important for them to learn. Those in Christian programs believe that worship is important and yet we rarely see a true “worship” center. An area set aside for children to explore aspects of true godly worship is a center worth developing. Children are born with an innate sense of God, their creator. Deuteronomy 6 indicates that it is adult responsibility to teach and train them “as they go”. Worship centers offer an area for training. Reflection time is an important opportunity for children to pause and fully get to know God. It balances out all the active time and must be emphasized if we are fully developing the spirituality of children.

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