As busy parents and teachers, we often do not have the time to sort and find all the possible artifacts, toy materials, and guided conversation that truly supports the building of authentic learning and memory in the children you teach.  You will find a holistic approach to educating the children you love.  The products begin with current culturally relevant literature and in some cases, award winning children’s picture books.  With each book, a lesson plan will help teachers match goals and objectives to state benchmarks and Bible truths. You will find a holistic approach to educating the children you love. A complete teacher packet is available for each book unit that assists teachers to conduct holistic instruction through the use of toys that will allow children to imagine, create, write, recall, sort, categorize, learn math, learn language and scripture, or perform fine and gross motor skills along with perceptual and music skills. Each kit comes complete with teacher guide, written objectives and assessment methods, all the materials for a group of 16 children, black-line masters, language pictures and book resource links. Technology suggestions are also provided where applicable.  Units will be continually added to this section.  These can be ordered through the CEES store: CEES STORE

Item # Unit Title Children’s Book Bible Text Category Key Concepts Price Per Unit
1001 Heaven Arctic God Gave Us Heaven by Lisa Tawn Bergren, art by Laura J. Bryant Genesis 14:19 Matthew 19:14 Luke 10:18-20 Romans 10:6-13 2 Timothy 4:18 Arctic Animals Math: counting
Language: Polar Bears and Habitat
Science: Arctic Habitat, water properties
Music: Heaven is a Wonderful Place
Motor: Coloring
Cognitive: sorting by attributes
Art: Color versus non-color; water paints
Spiritual: Heaven
Includes: 1 polar bear 8#
6 plastic polar bears
Category cards
Song words
3 black-line patterns
Picture cards
Story line
Language questions
Center ideas
Map of Arctic Circle
1002 Time Together,Play versus Work Hugs and love Thankfulness Just for Today by Jan Phillips, illustrated by Alison Bonds Shapiro Genesis 2:2
Exodus 23:12
Deuteronomy 5:14
Bears Math: counting and estimating with jelly beans
Language: hide and find; visual-motor
Science: Grass and its properties
Motor: folding paper and running
Cognitive: comparing work and play; night and day
Art: finger paint and clay
3 black-line patterns
Take-home idea and template for clouds
Center ideas
* God Gave Us Heaven, a unit about Polar Bears, their habitat, eating habits, and life after this earth.